Traineeships in enterprises

The placements encourage applying the knowledge and are the first step to the labour market
The Universitat of València considers the external training placements as a necessary and important methodology in the learning and preparation of its students and, at the same time, an entail with the society. The organization, planning and management of the external training placements of students at the Universitat of València correspond to Adeit under the direction of the vice-rectorships of Studies and Linguistic Politics and of Postgraduate Studies.


What are the external training placements?

It is an activity of formative nature carried out by the students and supervised by a mentor of the company or institution where the internships is taking place and by an academic mentor of the Universitat of València. Its main objective is to allow the students to apply and to complement the knowledge acquired during their education training favouring the acquisition of competences that prepare them for professional activities, to facilitate their employability and to promote their entrepreneurshipcapacity.

Training placement modalities:

There are two types of placements: curricular and extra-curricular. The curricular placements configure themselves as academic activities integrated in the student’s study plan (Degrees and Master Degrees), that correspond with a module or subject. On the other hand, the extracurricular are those that the students can carry out with voluntary character during their training period (Degrees and Master Degrees) and that, although having the same end that the curricular placements, they do not form part of the student’s study plan. The practices are regulated by the Real Decree 1707/2011 of 18th of November, and by the Regulation of External Practices of the Universitat of València.