MOTIVEM is a training initiative of the University of Valencia led by the Vice-chancellor for Employment and Training Service, through the University-Business Foundation ADEIT, with the aim of supporting the effort of university teaching staff that stimulates the creativity of the students coordinating the development of team ideas.

An academic council made up of professors from the University of Valencia supports the implementation of this initiative.

Participation in the program is free for the financial support of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Obra Social “la Caixa”.

Professors and students, a creative tandem

To facilitate this work in the classroom MOTIVEM organized a School for professors. As a result, they coordinate teams of students who generate and develop their ideas and present them in a standardized format. In this way, students have a channel to develop and express their academic knowledge and also their transversal skills such as creativity, teamwork, negotiation and communication. This will help them in their academic work and in their professional future after graduation. And also they get 2 credits for their participation in this activity. The competition MOTIVEM team ideas encourage them to participate in this initiative. The whole process makes good our slogan “Professors and students, a creative tandem”.

The school and the competition of ideas offer complementary training activities to facilitate the action of professors and student teams.

This initiative contributes to university educational innovation. The Academic Council MOTIVEM integrates professors who have participated in school and coordinated teams, and is representative of the different campuses of the University of Valencia. Their work helps to develop this initiative. The MOTIVEM Secretariat is in the University-Enterprise Foundation ADEIT, the institution that gives the necessary support to develop all these activities through a technical team.