Private: European Mobility Grants

In any of the modalities previously described, the following documents will be necessary for its valuation:

1.- Academic certificate indicating when the university studies have been finished (title, copy of the request receipt, academic record, certificate indicating that the degree has been finished).
If the certificate can not be attached to the registration form form before the 01/07/2013, it can be forwarded until the 15th july 2013, included, to the following address: 
Any academic certificate received the 16th july or after this date can not be taken into consideration.

2.- Certificate of language/s level. Minimum level B1 or equivalent in the work language.

3.- Copy of the ID-Card (Those who do not have nationality of any of the countries participating on the program, permanent right of residence in one of these countries).

4.- Actual CV.

5.- Working life certificate (If required).

6.- Information about the host company: web page, address, contact person: name, phone number, email. And, without fail, a description (at least 5 lines) about the activities to be realized.

7.- A sworn statement of the truthfulness of the information provided, duly signed.

Additionally, ADEIT’s managerial team, will contact the company to verify and to complete the information and to request a detailed activities program and the conditions in written form in an acceptance letter.

During july 2013 the grants will be resolve and notify. For that purpose, consideration shall be given to the country where the intern wants to go, the studies and the university were the intern comes from.

In case that the number of applicants fulfilling the requirements exceeds the number of grants available, the entry date of the complete documentation will be considered.