Private: European Mobility Grants

To benefit from one of the leonardo da Vinci grants, the applicant has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • To have a university degree obtained in any spanish university, public or private, in any of the studies offered. The degree can not have been obtained later than two years ago. (Note: To have finished the university studies after the 16/06/2011 and until the 15th july 2013, included).
  • Not to be registered in any university student.
  • To have nationality of any of the countries participating in the Leonardo da Vinci program or to have permanent residence in Spain.
  • Not to have more than one year of professional experience concerning the career after having finished the studies.
  • Not to get any additional aid from the European Commission for the same period of time.
  • Not to have receive a Leonardo grant previously. It is only possible to be a Leonardo da Vinci intern once, independently from the number of degrees someone studies.
  • Not to have and not to have had employment or professional relationship with the host company or institution, where the internship is going to be.
  • In case of being graduated in doctoral studies, master or other postgraduate studies, not to have get the previous university degree to that studies in a university which was not a spanish one, public or private. Also to not have a degree recognition obtained in other countries.
  • Applicants who did not obtain other grants for internships abroad once they have finished university studies, will have priority.
  • To justify enough language level for the internship: minimum level B1 or equivalent in the working language. This accreditation will be made through the certificates detailed in the Language Equivalences Table.